Morris Theatre Needs YOU!

The Morris Theatre needs volunteers for the following tasks:

1) We’d like to add more people to our Monday and/or Tuesday evening volunteer staffing pool.  Tasks include: open the theatre for business and sell tickets plus concessions.  There will be training plus benefits in the form of popcorn and movie viewing.  Generally things begin around 6pm and go to a little after the movies have begun screening.  

2) The clean-up crew on Saturday mornings would love more hands on board to speed the completion of the task and share the load.  

3) Work on the concessions area will be happening in the next couple of months.  We are looking for people with skills related to demolition, dry-walling and insulation work.  We don’t have specific dates yet but if you have experience with this work and would be happy to participate if available, we’d like to put you on a to-be-contacted list for when plans have been finalised.

If you can help us with any of these tasks please use our contact form here and send us a message.

Thank you!

Posted Tuesday 5th November 2019